About the Canyon Bistro & Wine Bar

“Welcome to our Bistro. Come to Topanga and let us make your visit a memorable one. Enjoy the beauty of the Canyon, enjoy our delicious menu and enjoy the moments with those close to your heart.”

The Canyon Bistro is celebrating 12 years in Topanga,Ca., located in the canyon between the valley and Malibu. It all started with nearby Cafe Mimosa 14 years ago and I have really enjoy being a part of the Topanga community. The Bistro comes to life from a combination of things. Our personal desire to serve gourmet type fare at affordable prices, and the need for more dining choices in the canyon, which has been the overriding request we get from our customers at the Cafe. Cafe Mimosa is a wonderful place to come for your morning coffee and organic pastry, a nice sandwich or salad for lunch, and to shop for boutique items from France and jewelry made by local artisans (located 1/4 south of the bistro). No big kitchen though…thus our desire to build a full service restaurant. The Canyon Bistro & Wine Bar fills that need and at the same time is a place Topangans can call home. We also welcome our commuters coming through the canyon between the valley and the west side, and those from Calabasas and Agoura, Malibu and Pacific Palisades. We have an eclectic menu of gourmet comfort foods, prepared masterfully from our kitchen staff. As a life long musician/composer, I have such fond memories of all my trips to France when I was touring with various French artists as a pianist and music director. The family meal is truly that in France, when everyone comes together, no matter the schedule, to be together and share a meal. I love that, and the love of that experience is what I present to you in a contemporary setting here in Topanga.


Join us for lunch, dinner or brunch Monday through Sunday. Open 7 days. You can also call for takeout. Come to Topanga, come to dine with us and enjoy your friends and family under the stars. Live Music from some of the greatest musicians in L.A. on Friday nights. The Canyon Bistro…welcome home.

Larry Cohn, Owner of The Canyon Bistro & Wine Bar



"It was one of those nights when someone passing through the Canyon says to himself, 'I want to live here'."


"The Canyon Bistro has incredible architecture and food"


"Canyon Bistro is a Topanga jewel. No need to go to the Westside for a great dining experience."